‘Artacucina Art-Cookbooks’

The fourth part of the Art-cookbook is just finished. This time only with typical Dutch recipes. Art and delicious recipes combined in a beautiful book. I have again made some drawings and paintings for Artacucina 4 and I am very proud of the end result. Artacucina part 1, 2, & 4 are Art cookbooks, made by Artacasa-gallery owner Wiebke…


Large article in the monthly magazine ‘Landleven’ (translation: ‘Countrylife’).

Block-calendar 3FM Serious Request

Ladies Circle ‘de Friese Wouden’ asked me if I wanted to make a painting which they could use for the front of a block-calendar. The proceeds of the sale are fully donated to the 3FM Serious Request-campaign. The original painting is put to disposal for the auction.


Interview at the professional magazine ‘Veeteelt’ (translation: ‘Cattle-breeding’)


Cover and interview at the professional magazine ‘Dier-en-Arts’ (translation: ‘Animal-and-Vet’)